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Welcome to my world

I know what you’re thinking, “uh oh, Sean’s checked out.  Get him a jacket with extra long sleeves with cuffs in the back.”

As true as that might be, this post is to simply give you an inside look at the world I’ve created for the setting of my book series, Demonkin. The simplest way to put it is it is OUR world.  The one we live in.  There is only one difference, all the tales of all the magical creatures we heard of or imagined are true.  Elves, vampires, werewolves all live, work, and play (and sometimes die) with everyday mortals.   Everybody knows one type of monster or another.  Some of Hollywood’s finest are vampires and elves, just as that nasty jerk who works at the local convenience store might be a bogart or djin.  When you open the pages of my world, anything is possible.

Even though the world I’ve penned knows about monsters, no one knows or remembers where they came from.  The elves have always said they were the oldest of the races.  The truth is they are the oldest of the fey.  In the beginning, the powers that be created the angels, and then eons later came the great experiment, Man.  The angels themselves divided into two groups, those who cared for and protected mankind, and those who were jealous of man’s cunning and free will.  The angels fought a great war and the losers were cast down and named demon.

All the races of the fey and the monsters are the offspring of mankind and angelic beings.  The elves were the first results of such a union and prospered well.  Living in the forests and laughing at the child like humans who withered and died in years rather than centuries.  The demons mated as well, all though it was considered playing with their food rather than an act of love.  The results of such unions (when the humans survived) were more often then not, twisted evil beings hunted by their human relatives.

Throughout the centuries of recorded human history both angels and demons often set themselves up as worshiped deities.  Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and even Norse pantheons let the humans believe they were gods.  This worship often warped not only the minds of the angelic beings, but their bodies as well.  Truthfully, they could take any shape they desired, but after being worshiped for centuries in one form, they became stagnant in that form.  When in their godlike form, the offspring that followed often took characteristics of their angelic sire.   It was the animalistic deities that sired the werewolves, and other species of lycanthrope.  The deities who fed on souls, spirit, and blood gave birth to the different races of vampire.

Yes i said races of vampire.  I used this idea to explain the different myths surrounding the fascinating creatures.  Ive even had science classify them.  I’ve named them HOMO CRUENTUS.  Cruentus is Latin and its meaning is, “to stain with blood.”  I thought it quite fitting.

Origins, is the first book in my series and centers around my main character Ashlyn Rowan Thorn.  Ashlyn is a new breed of vampire born into the world.  she struggles with understanding what she is and exactly where she came from.  I won’t go into detail, but i just wanted to introduce her to you.  If you want to know more you’re going to have to buy Origins, when it becomes available from the great people at Echelon Press (www.echelonpress.com).  Until then my friends, happy reading.


  1. Bill Bonner
    May 21, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    you need to get back to work

    • May 21, 2010 at 7:57 pm

      HAHA. Written LAST NIGHT, posted today 😛

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