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The Last Airbender-a review

What can I say?  I expected a LOT more, especially from M. Night Shyamalan.  Don’t get me wrong, the movie on the WHOLE was quite decent.  Not the best, and most certainly not the worst.  I might be thirty-something, but I have small children and because of them I have seen every episode of the Nickelodeon cartoon version of the story.  If you handed me seasons 1-3 of the cartoon or the multi-million dollar 3-D production, I would indubitably take the cartoon every time.

The movie had several things going for it though.  The first being the clarity of the 3-D cinematography.  That statement alone coming from me is impressive.  I’ve never been a huge fan of movies that require glasses to watch.  I think it stems from the poor quality crap they used to stuff down our throats when WE were youngins.  Yes, I refer to the dreaded red lens blue lens paper glasses that we all used to look so ridiculous in.  Now the plastic polarized ones are much more comfortable and hip looking, but I still usually end up with a headache from looking at the guy with the ping-pong-paddle they seem to incorporate into every movie.  The Last Airbender actually avoided every Cliche 3-D trick known to Hollywood!

The cinematography, set design, and special effects in The Last Airbender were, for lack of a better word were utterly amazing.  I found myself actually sitting in my seat going, “WOW”.  Especially when they made their way to the land of the Norther Water Tribe.  I’m going to have to do a little research on the making of the movie do see how they pulled off such a feat.  Viewers will also be very happy with the job they did with “Appa” and “Momo”.  I’m going to have to add an AirBison and Flying Lemur-Bat to my Christmas wish list to Santa.

The last thing that impressed me was the story line.  Too many times I’ve been drawn into a movie because I already knew the story line only to be disappointed when they change everything soup to nuts.  If I had a dime for every time I said, “That didn’t happen in the book” I’d buy Bill Gates as my personal assistant/slave.  Mr. Shyamalan held true through the entire movie to the original story, and that my friends, earns him kudos and cookies.

I have two beefs with the movie that earned it 3/5 possible SHTARS.  My smaller beef is with the cheesy factor.  The dialog was a little too, “I am the Avatar, we must save the world, lets go from village to village and start a rebellion” for my tastes.  What Shyamalan missed is the movie is centered around 3 children and at no point in the movie did they act like children.  It kind of left me wanting to go back to the concession counter and get more SNOWCAPS.

HERE’s my BIG BEEF.  I love watching the cartoon version of the show for one HUGE reason.  It makes me LAUGH.  Sure it’s a great story and teaches children a plethora of healthy lessons from “Do what’s right”, “Stand up for what you believe”, to “Don’t poke a Monkey-Bear with a stick”, but the comedic antics of Sokka and the trouble Aang finds himself in are more than enough to keep the adults entertained while we are stuck watching the shows our kids like.  How many times have you heard, “The show is terrible, but at least they throw entertainment in for the adults”.  Nickelodeon surpasses any of the other “Kid Friendly” stations (Disney) by a few thousand lightyears on this front.  That was the biggest disappointment with the movie to me.  I expected to sit there and laugh and be entertained, but NOT ONE TIME did I even giggle.  I know Mr Shyamalan isn’t known for his comedic wit, and while he did a fantastic job on the other aspects of the movie, he should have brought in some help to give the movie a little more life.

That’s My OPINION.

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  1. July 6, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    The lack of humor and goofiness in the movie is a big loss. At my count there were two jokes in the film, or rather, one joke repeated twice. Sokka getting drenched by Katara. I would also choose the cartoons over the film. The movie takes itself too seriously, lacks fun, and is so dang dark.

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