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Vampire Season

The earth is quiet as stillness settles over it like a cold blanket

Moonlight shines upward from the snow covered floor

Animals slumber, humans hide, and even the birds have fled

Times of merry making have passed but for those found indoors

Around the fire tucked safe within their homes my prey will meet

Safe from the shadows singing songs of yule and putting baubles round the tree

Father Winter comes to pass

New life erupts as the earth begins its thaw

The birds return, the animals wake, and the humans emerge

Feeding returns and blood flows hot bitter from winter slumber

The cacophony of newly born life fills the forests foolishly unaware of the predator

People meet in taverns and homes as the skies lighten early

Freed from their imposed captivity to plant and sow

The speak of new life, rebirth, and joy as they revel in the cool night

Lady spring has come to pass

Sweltering nights seemingly unnatural in their balmy blanket

Life seems to slow in recuperation from the days events

Work and play seem to blend into one as everything celebrates the tiniest of joys

Animal lust magnified by the blistering sun as they rut in celebration

Gone is the chill in the evening air as the night seems to weep

My feasts taste more of salt than hot coppery bliss

Old man Summer has come to pass

The first bite of chill returns to the night as I smile and revel in delight

The leaves have fallen to litter the ground in heaps of obstacles

They serve to give challenge to the chase as I feed

Owls give song to the return of the breeze

Music quakes faster, feet dance quicker, and voices sing lower

Candles give decoration to the bounty of the harvest

All rejoice from the fruits of their labors

They tell silly stories as they gather in jest

The smells fill the world of feasts they shall consume

As they dress and mimic that which they fear

The season of the Vampire has come to pass

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  1. September 10, 2010 at 8:51 am

    Just love this! Wonderfully written! Looking forward (as always) to see what you write next! 🙂

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