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An Ode to Publishers

You write the books and keep them neat

Proud enough at your noble feat

You seek publication through email and query

Hitting “SEND” makes fingers weary

Agents sought yet to no avail

They send you letters etched with “FAIL”

Alas a dim hope on the road of despair

Finally, this life seems a little more fair

You find a publisher open to submissions

You scoff at their unfair and unseemly conditions

Ignoring the guidelines you send in your piece

You sit and wait praying your heart doesn’t cease

Now put yourself in the shoes of the one you did send

The one whose rules you did just shatter and bend

Rules set up to keep everything organized and straight

Rules in place to make their company great

Now you’ve sent in a submission without pause

Shirking all of the publisher’s laws

How likely are you to see your book in print?

When you couldn’t take the publishers hint?

Do yourself a favor and follow the rules

Publishers will less likely label us fools.

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  1. September 16, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    Very cute, and clever. Like it.

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