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Guest Post with Jennifer Wylie


Today I get to host Jennifer Wylie on her blog tour, celebrating the release of he short story, the Forgotten Echo! I have a treat for you. She’s sharing with you the events leading up to the story. So you get a prequel! I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

For those who have read The Forgotten Echo, THANK YOU! I know more than one reader has also been captivated by the mysterious Immortal, Devon. This little tale will answer some questions, from his point of view.
For those who haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll be intrigued and decide to try it out.
For more free random stories in the Immortal Echoes world, stop by my blog.


I walked down the darkening streets of yet another city. I had been through so many over the years, the centuries, they all seemed to blur together. It was strange, how so little changed over time. Enough did to be troublesome. Being an Immortal time meant little to me. However I lived side by side with mortals, and to them it meant everything. More so even, as the centuries had passed.

A faint, rueful smile crossed my lips as for a while I counted the number of people hurrying by, checking their watches.

I’d come to this city for business. Though I disliked dealing with mortals I pretended to be one, and so had to show myself on occasion. This time a meeting for one of my companies. A very important one, they had told me. Idiots. My executives had spent most of the time whining and complaining, blaming others for the last quarters poor sales. As so often was the case, the trip had been a total waste of my time.

Shoving my hand into my pant pockets I continued to wander as shops began closing up and the number of people rushing by dwindled. The street lights lit the sidewalks well enough, though I had no cause to worry about what may lurk in the shadows. No simple mortals could hurt me, not even with their silly mortal weapons. Other Immortals, creatures from the Otherworld, were another matter but one I didn’t worry about much either.

As Immortals went, I was one of the oldest, and also one of the strongest. Even if my own powers were not enough, I had my Echoes always close at hand.

As if I’d called, a form appeared in the shadows ahead of me, quickly solidifying into a person. The man walked out into the light, normal as can be.

“Devon.” He gave a brief nod of respect. Which he should, I’d created him, bound his soul at death to me and the Otherworld. A few did not appreciate it, though they all gave their consent at the time. They had to for the difficult magic to work.

My Echoes rarely bothered me when I roamed the cities I visited. They knew I wanted to be alone and took great pains to make sure it was so. “What is it?”

“You’ve received a message from Angela. She wants you to contact her as soon as possible.”

I could not stop the frown which came at his words. Angela was another Immortal, one I had foolishly become indebted to only a few years before. Apparently she was ready to collect. I wasn’t looking forward to finding out what I would have to do to remove a life debt.

A small growl of frustration left me and I looked down at the grey sidewalk, knowing my fire was likely flashing in my eyes. It was a part of me, part of my magic. It also appeared at the worst of times. I had to always stay in control of my emotions around mortals. Another reason I hated being around them.

“Would you like me to send a reply?”

I looked back up and shook my head. “I’ll return home shortly.”

My Echo nodded, paused a moment, and then turned and walked calmly back into the dark alley to disappear. Smiling a little I began walking again. Good help was hard to find. Choosing a human to become an Echo wasn’t easy. They would be spending forever with you, after all. If they weren’t destroyed trying to protect you. The trick was to find someone intelligent, not hard on the eyes and not annoying, yet at the same time to try to avoid one you would become too attached too. Add the problem of the person having to be actually dying and one saw just how hard it was. At least in these times, in the past wars and plaques certainly made it a little easier.

Over the centuries I had collected half a dozen Echoes. All were exceptional in their duties. None, however, were very good company. I’d been contemplating finding one for that purpose alone. They would still protect me, grant me their power if needed, but I wanted to be able to hold a decent conversation as well.

The streets began to fill again with young men and women making their way to the bars and clubs. I stopped and glanced down a side street, listening the the faint pounding of music and the growing sounds of more and more excited voices.

Had I ever been so young and carefree? I couldn’t remember.

Turning away I decided it was best to head home. I stepped to the side as a number of girls passed me on the sidewalk, giggling and chatting.

“Wow, did you see him?”

“I’m not blind, Sarah.”

More giggles erupted and I smiled faintly as I turned to watch them cross the street. I saw her then, walking arm in arm with a nervous looking man. Even from across the street she caught my attention. Not so much beautiful, but lovely. Curves in all the right places, dressed to go out, but not garishly so. Her smile was so radiant I felt pulled toward her. I wished I could look into her eyes.

With a startled gasp I turned away. Strange, that a mortal would affect me so. Strange, and also interesting. I glanced over my shoulder again, watching her walk away.

I stepped back, leaning against a building and cupped my hands. A faint whistle brought a tiny light. A little creature of flame. “Stay hidden,” I warned it.

It flew up, hiding in my hair. “Yes? Yes?”

I discretely pointed to the woman. “I want you to watch her for me.”

“Watch! Yes!” The flame darted off.

A faint smile crossed my face and I headed down the street to find a nice dark alley where I could create a gate home.

Over the weeks which followed I learned much about her, not just the facts, but little things. She was an extraordinary woman, in more than just looks. She had a big heart to match her intelligence, but could also be a little shy. I watched her when I could, and doing so made me more happy than I had been in a very long time. I was not, however, foolish enough to speak with her, or even let her see me.

My Echoes did not agree with my new pastime. It took them some time before they came to me, but they did. I suppose I should have been pleased they truly cared. They were concerned my obsession with her was not healthy. She wasn’t mine to have, she was mortal. I didn’t really care and brushed off their concerns. What I was doing was harmless. I merely watched her, nothing more.

Yet they persisted, pointing out my growing feelings for her were increasingly obvious, not only to them, but to my enemies. I had to let her go, before she became a pawn in their games.

They were right of course. I had to stop, and with great reluctance I did. Though I left a handful of flames to watch over her, just in case I’d done so too late. So I told myself.

I was glad I took such precautions when five years later my flames returned screaming in panic. She needed me. Unfortunately it was at the worst possible time. Battle between the two main factions of Immortals loomed so closely I had in fact been dressing for it when they arrived. I didn’t have time to go to her. I couldn’t afford the loss of power either.

“I’m sure she’ll be fine,” I told the flames.

“No! No!”

“She dies! Dies!”

Their words froze me. My actions. My heart. She couldn’t be dying. It wasn’t possible. She was supposed to live a long and wonderful, happy life. I closed my eyes tightly. Healing was not one of my powers, at least not one strong enough to cure imminent death.

Had it been any other time I still could have gone to her, taken her to another who could heal her. But no one would do so now, not with the fighting about to start literally at any moment. I should have been on the battlefield now.

The flames continued to dart around me frantically. But then, they had been watching her all these years hadn’t they? They had probably fallen for her charms as well. “Hurry! Hurry!”

I closed my eyes and pinched the bridge of my nose. Whatever had happened, I couldn’t save her. There was nothing I could do if she truly was dying…unless I made her an Echo. One of mine. Bound to me forever.

I shook my head. I couldn’t do that. Not to her…

“Come! Come!” The little voices rose hysterically, pleading, breaking down my resolve.

“Where is she,” I demanded, drawing forth my power to create a gate.

They led the way, guiding me to her. It was hard to remain calm. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, for more reasons than one. I should just let her go. Coming to her, helping her, was both breaking my own rules and dangerous. I still had a battle to fight.

I stepped through the gate into an empty parking lot. My flames continued to babble away as some of them gathered around me.

The rest danced around her where she’d fallen on the ground, blood soaking her clothes and pooling around her. Pain lashed my heart to see her again, like this. I couldn’t do this, I shouldn’t…

“Quickly! Quickly!”

I turned slightly, feeling one of my Echoes appear at my side.

“Devon, it’s started. They need you!”

My jaw clenched and I closed my eyes for a moment. I could still walk away, let her die. It was the natural order of things wasn’t it? I had to decide, and quickly.

“Tell them I’m coming.” I let out a deep sigh. “I’ll just be a moment.”


Jennifer Wylie was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. In a cosmic twist of fate she dislikes the snow and cold.

Before settling down to raise a family, she attained a BA from Queens University and worked in retail and sales.

Thanks to her mother she acquired a love of books at an early age and began writing in public school. She constantly has stories floating around in her head, and finds it amazing most people don’t. Jennifer writes various forms of fantasy, both novels and short stories. Sweet light is her debut novel to be published in 2011.

Jennifer resides in rural Ontario, Canada with her husband, two boys, Australian shepherd a flock of birds and a disagreeable amount of wildlife.

My website: www.jenniferwylie.ca

My blog: http://jlwylie.wordpress.com/

  1. March 6, 2011 at 9:32 am

    Thanks so much for having me today Sean!

    I hope everyone enjoys this little short. Maybe if they do, I’ll write some more 😀

    • March 6, 2011 at 9:49 am

      My pleasure. You’re always welcome on my blog.

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