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I’m not all about the bitching

Hiya Kiddos

Decided to do something a little positive tonight. I haven’t blogged in a while and I know…I should be flogged with a wet noodle. Hey, wait a minute. I might like that. Flog away. Er…Um…Nevermind. Well, It’s August. Hopefully things will start to cool down by you all (pronounced y’all in Florida). We will probably have another three long months of summer weather here. Doesn’t usually start to cool down until the end of October. Makes you want to barf doesn’t it?

So, anyway. Not here to talk about the weather. Here to talk to you about being a writer. Now, I’m not going to lie, being a writer has its disadvantages. I mean let’s face it, getting your name out there and selling books is a stone cold bitch. Know something else? It’s also a shitload of fun. 😀 Yup, I said it.

If I had never written a book, I’d never have ventured forth on twitter and made thousands of friends. I had a Facebook, but who the hell doesn’t. Linked in (still trying to find the usefulness of that one), Goodreads, Scribd. I mean honestly I’m having a blast meeting people and marketing. I get to be my wild and crazy self and entertain people in the process.

Now I’m sure you are wondering. What exactly is my favorite part about being a writer. I’ll tell you exactly. It’s everything. From the moment I get the idea for a book or short story in my head, it’s magic. I basically can’t wait to get it out of my head and onto paper…er…word document. Yeah, times have changed. It usually takes me about a month and a half to find enough time to pump out 80,000 words, but it’s usually the best month and a half of my life. I never outline and the finished project is usually NOTHING remotely like I planned. I can’t help it. Consider it a side effect of an over active imagination.

You send it in, it get’s accepted and knowing it’s getting published is a wild rollercoaster ride I can’t even begin to describe. The only thing I can compare it to is knowing you’re going to be a parent.

ePub day. You’re novel comes out in all its electronic glory. You see the cover on amazon, take a deep breath, shed a few tears, and say, “I did it.”

As exciting as that is. Nothing. Not one other aspect of everything you’ve done so far can prepare you. For. The. Day.  I’m talking about the day you get home and see the boxes on your front porch. The boxes of books you ordered. The boxes of YOUR books. I remember grabbing the box, sliding my keys along the brown packing tape, slowly lifting the lid, digging through the packing material, and seeing my first brief glance of your cover. YOUR cover. The one with your name in shiny ink glistening on the surface like it had been painted on there with light. It IS perfect. You thought you cried when you saw your shit on Amazon? Wait til you hold it in your hands. <<Insert holding your child for the first time analogy here>>

Then you go to your first lit festival. Or convention. Then you have your “I just sold my first book and they wanted me to friggin sign it!” moment.

Then you run into your first fan. You could be standing in a sea of people, but the minute you hear, “Oh, my GOD, aren’t you so and so the author of so and so?” Yep. Another favorite part.

But then something truly amazing happens. You’re sitting at home and you get an email from your website provider. Someone left you a comment on your books website. Oh, great. Someone probably hated your book. Sweat starts to pour from every inch of exposed skin. You click on it and…you see this.

😀 I absolutely loved this book, I’m so glad I got it at the book festival!! I love having your signature in it too! All my friends that I’ve let read it are so jealous~! & I love it, Sean!!!!!

Yeah. Being a writer kicks ass all the freaking time.


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  1. August 1, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    and when you love like we do, it doesn’t even feel like work….well, the marketing does……

  2. August 2, 2011 at 1:16 am

    Sean, excellent post. It is the most magnificent of all things to emanate from words! You do that wholesomely. I have been itching to get my mitts on the paperback. Reading is also an art for us word worms. Electronic media is fantastic to have at your fingertips, cheaper than a paperback but for me? The experience in my hands, the book, the smell of freshly printed paper an author you know exudes excellence is exciting!
    I am blessed………….all you author lovelies on my twitter? Is like being a kid in a candy store!!
    Great post.x

  3. August 7, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    Damn straight!

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