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I Haz New Releaz :D

It’s that time of year again people! Have a whole plethora of shtuffs comin your way.

Deceptions, the sequel to Origins is coming out VERY soon. I should have a release date any day now. As soon as i DO, I will let you know.

The short story series, The Magnificent Steam Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus episode 4 that Connor, my twelve year old son and I are writing together should be out soon, too! Will keep you posted on that as well.


IN the meantime…

A while back I was asked to do a Steampunk Anthology with some TRULY talented authors. Nick and Elizabeth Valentino and Jennifer Williams. I was soooo excited to do this anthology. We all had to follow the theme  pick a foreign country as our setting. I’m mostly Irish, so I picked Croatia. Just kidding. I picked Ireland and my story follows the journey of a young Traveler (or Tinker as they are often called) on her journey to become Queen. I hope you enjoy it!


Product Description

In an era when steam rules the sea and the skies, the monarchy struggles to maintain control. Across the lands, battles are fought for the sake of peace and love.

**Ten Thousand Years

Pirate captain Maro and his crew have embarked on their most dangerous mission. To secure the release of his former army platoon wrongly imprisoned in Korea, Maro has snared the Empress of Japan’s private airship in an attempt to kidnap her for ransom. Before they reach her, they must daringly board the Empress’ ship, blast their way through samurai automatons, and escape the powerful and menacing Japanese military airship, the Great Phoenix. Through determination and bloodshed, Maro and his men fight to regain their honor, but the real meaning of sacrifice is miraculously realized by the most unlikely one of them all.

**Queen of the Travelers

Their people have had many names over the years: tinkers, tynkers, gypsies, an Lucht Siúil, and other less savory names. They are the Travelers. Shannon is happy with her clan. They make their living scrounging the scrap yards of Ireland, foraging to keep their crawlers working. Even among the mechanically inclined, Shannon is extraordinarily blessed, but her abilities may become a curse. The Queen of the Travelers is passing and Shannon is ripped from her clan as a candidate for the throne…if she can survive.

**Reclaiming the Throne

Sophia has one immediate goal: eliminate a threat to the throne. As a young vampire assassin, she’s spent her entire life taking orders and fighting in the name of the Royal Paranormal Supremacy society. But now they’ve turned on her. As she prowls the icy Serbian mountains, she faces off against another vampire with a mission of his own, but he doesn’t play by the government’s rules. Together, they must lay their lives and their hearts on the line to do what is right and help the rightful Serbian heir, reclaim the throne. It will take all their skills and mechanical wonders to make it out alive.

**The Hidden History of Stones: Or How the Sinking Jenny Was Sunk

Victoria’s England, Victoria’s London. It is a time of great change for the Capital. A time of industry and enterprise, sweat and smoke. But even as this century rushes to catch up with its own progress, a greater change is coming. Deep within the River Thames, something that has been asleep for hundreds of years is stirring. For the crew of the Sinking Jenny it is just another piece of salvage dredged up from the ancient mud, and not even a particularly valuable one at that, but the Stone holds the knowledge of Kings and Queens, the secrets of every man and woman, and the lies that all children keep in their hearts. For Captain Hardy, the mysterious Mr Rymer and their young apprentice Bill, the Stone is the beginning of a nightmare.

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  1. January 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm

    Bought and will be reading soon! 😀 Whoo hoo! Love the cover! 😀

  2. January 18, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    Thanky, Angel 😀

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