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Sorry, I got a little excited there. I have some news to share.

So my latest release, MY SOUL TO KEEP is out on Amazon for your kindle. I just ordered a proof copy of the paperback version and it should be arriving shortly. Once I go through it and make sure there are o formatting issues, I just have to approve it. THEN, it will be available for purchase in all its papery goodness!

So I figured this deserved a little bit of a celebration.

What am i doing to celebrate? That’s easy. I’m going on tour! Well, not really but my BLOG TOUR launches MONDAY on Jen Wylie’s blog. I’ll be making a stop every other day or so and and up on Tiffany King’s Blog. To help me celebrate, she’s giving away a kindle copy of MY SOUL TO KEEP.

I’m a little excited. So excited in fact, I decided to give away a few copies myself. On top of that I’m giving away the very FIRST paperback copy of it ever and a whole bunch of other MY SOUL TO KEEP STUFF, like coffee mugs and tote bags in an awesome gift basket arrangement, okay it’s really a box. Here’s the details!

Don’t forget to enter and good luck!

To enter, you need to go here: untoldpress.com/promotions

What is it?

Only the blog tour to celebrate the release of My Soul to Keep from critically acclaimed author Sean Hayden!

When is it?

Um, look above? May 14th – 25th. Sheesh. I don’t know why we bother with the fancy graphics sometimes.

Where is it?

Finally a good question! Here’s the schedule!

Kick-off party on Jen Wylie’s blog!          May 14th

First stop, Darke Conture’s blog!          May 15th

Stoppin by Julie Campbell’s blog          May 17th

We’re goin to Holland! Party at Alex Laybourne’s blog!   May 19th

Up for some Madness and Murder? Jenny Hilborne’s blog!   May 21st

ZOMBIES in the house! Rusty Fischer ya’ll!          May 23rd

Finishin up with the YA QUEEN, Tiffany KING!      May 25th


Hahahahahaha. Only the greatest prize pack EVER! Chock full of My Soul to Keep Superswag!

Contents include:

1 MSTK Tote, 1 MSTK Notebook, 1 MSTK Keychain, 1 MSTK T-shirt (size large),  1 MSTK Coffee Mug so you can enjoy tasty hot beverages in style…and…cue drum roll…are you ready…1 copy of My Soul to Keep. So what you say? Gasp. You don’t understand. This copy is in paperback. Not only that but its an AUTOGRAPHED ADVANCED READER COPY!!!!!!! Yes ladies and germs, you get the paperback before anyone else in the whole wide world!!!!!! That’s over a $125 value! Why? Cuz we wuv you.

We’re also giving away 3 Kindle copies to second, third, and fourth place losers. I mean winners. Winners. Yeah.

AND, Miss Tiffany King is giving away a BONUS Kindle Copy of My Soul to Keep on her blog on the last day of the tour!


We knew you was gonna ask that. Here you go, kiddies. 1 Entry per day. Must tweet and you get extra brownie points (and entries) for LIKING Sean’s Author Page on Facebook and for following his sorry butt on Twitter.


23total entries
0/4entries earned
  • My Soul to Keep Prize Pack!
  • 3 Free Kindle Copy of My Soul to Keep

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  1. doe965
    May 11, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Do I get extra points for pinning it? LOL just kidding but I did pin it.

  2. May 11, 2012 at 9:55 pm

    some cool swag there! Love it.

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