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You are cordially invited…

Greetings and salutations, my friends.

Well, once again the leaves are changing (everywhere but Florida), Summer’s heat is waning (everywhere but Florida), and Autumnal festivities are once again making their way into our hearts and homes (everywhere but Florida). In the natural world, most members of the animal kingdom give birth in spring. Not true for authors. November is the month favorited by our subspecies. Yes, I’m talking about NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month).

Every year I have started out with the best of intentions, yet life has a subtle way of sneaking up on you and bashing you in the spine with a cinderblock. Well, NOT SO THIS YEAR!!!!

I haveth something special planned.

Everyone knows about My Soul to Keep, my YA PARANORMAL ROMANCE. Well, I have been asked when the sequel is coming out, so many times, I’ve bumped it up on my priority list. I figured I would use November and NANOWRIMO to make you all happy. Well, I spoke to a good friend of mine and she gave me an idea!

I would like to cordially invite all of you to be there with me while I write it.

No, I don’t mean in spirit.

No, I don’t want you showing up at my house with popcorn and beer. Hmmm, okay. If you have popcorn and beer, I’ll let you in.

No, I don’t want you bombarding me with story ideas on FB and Twitter.

I have something else in mind.

I’m going to write Your Soul to Take in Google Docs

I invite you to follow along

The chat window will be open


I’ll edit later

I want this to be fun. Everybody has been so great with My Soul to Keep, and I kind of wanted to write the sequel with everyone who read it. To make them feel like they were part of it. I’m sure it will end up just being me and a couple of crickets, but the invitation is open. Starting November 1, 2012, simply click the link below. I will leave this blog post open so you have the link readily available.

Happy writing!

To watch Sean Hayden writing Your Soul to Take, simply click:

* * *


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  1. October 8, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    what a cool idea!

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