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The Lost Daughter- Chapter One

November 22, 2010 2 comments


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I have the HONOUR of hosting up and coming author ELLA GREY on her first stop of her blog tour.  Her book What a Way to Start the Day, Is now available for pre-sale on Omnilit.  For her blog tour she decided to put up select chapters of her new story, The Lost Daughter. Read Chapter One here today on my blog and then Chapter Two on my friend, Jen Wylie’s Blog!  If you want to keep reading, you’ll have to follow the story from blog to blog to blog!  Give it a read, and I’m sure you’ll see why Ella Grey was picked up by Echelon Press.  Enjoy my friends!



The Lost Daughter

Chapter One

Part One

I’ve always had nightmares.

If you had seen what I had seen you would have them too. The setup was always the same. I was in a room carved into the middle of a cave. Laid out there was enough room to see that I was the center of something that could have passed for a morbid clock face. Twelve slabs of rock, twelve bodies in various states of decay. I had seen Dad as I’d been dragged in.

From the look on his face he could have been sleeping. It was only by looking lower to the messy blood stained hole that you knew that he wouldn’t be waking up. Above each of their heads was the red mass of muscle that was the human heart. The urge to fight left me in a wave. These were the days before I knew that I was a witch. Five years ago, I was just like any other fifteen year old girl. It’s hard to believe that life was ever that simple.

I was half lead, half dragged to the slab in the center, number thirteen. It was only after Thomas rescued me and I’d been safety hidden away in a police station I’d become hysterical. They’d sedated me after I’d tried to claw out my eyes, the image of my Dad on that cold stone slab haunted me to this day..

That was the funny thing about dreams. They didn’t always play out events the way you remembered them. My nightmares always played out the, what if? What if Thomas had been late? What if he had never shown up at all?

A shadow fell over me. I looked up into a pair of dark inhuman eyes hidden behind a mask. Gripping my face with a gloved and he turned it from side to side, studying me. After that was done he left, eventually returning with a steel container. He opened it and I was hit by an unfamiliar smell, as he held my head still, he dipped in a finger and drew something on my forehead. The substance had been thick and it left clots of something that later I’d found out was made up of the blood of the earlier victims. The man had then moved to the side and had been joined by six others. All of them were dressed the same, red robes and black masks that covered the entire face. Their hands seemed to snake out, holding my legs, arms and head. At the time I had been terrified, where they planning on raping me first? The man that marked me now stood between my spread legs. I remembered being fully dressed the day they grabbed me but dreams were tricky things. Sometimes the situation would be warped by my mind and I would appear naked, even more vulnerable than I’d actually been. He climbed onto the stone slab with me and it was always at that moment I saw the ornamental knife that had been tucked between a rope belt and his robes.

It had been right about now that Thomas had came in, all guns a blazing with his team to rescue me. I remembered this and so did my dream self. What my dream self never seemed to remember was that in this version he never came. Instead the blade came down and I screamed. I felt every incision as they cut a hole, broke my ribs and still I screamed. Why wasn’t I dying? Why did I have to feel every second? I felt his hand travel into my chest and grab my heart.

“You bastards” I screamed as he tugged it free from its resting place. It was finally over.


Like the beginning to the story of Alice Young? Part 2 can be found tomorrow at

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