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#100blogfest Blog stop with author Martin King!

August 12, 2011 1 comment

Near where I lived was a free tip. I better explain for those of you in foreign countries what I mean by that. An area of land where people disposed of their household waste illegally – sometimes known as fly-tipping.

So there is this place along a narrow country lane near some woods where we would hang out. Quite often we would scavenge down the slope for something to do. Once someone had thrown away a load of lead windows and we scurried around getting all the lead off and then took it to the foundry to weigh it in. We got about £0.50p for our haul.

Well there was this one particular day when me and my mates were loitering around when a big estate car pulled up. A ‘mister’ got out and offered to pay us handsomely if we would scramble around and get these certain items he was after.

They were these big metal weights that were on sash windows. So anyone hold enough reading this might know what I mean. Well it was a hot day and very hard work, but it didn’t matter because the ‘mister’ was going to pay us loads!

A good two hours later after dragging all these heavy things up the slope and loaded them into the back of his car, he went to get his money out of the wallet. Low and behold, he didn’t have any change. Well that didn’t matter because he would return soon with our reward.

I’m sure one of my mates is still standing in that spot now, convinced the ‘mister’ will return. What a dirty, rotten trick to pull on a few innocent and angelic little children. If it turns out that you were the man who played that lousy stunt, then I want interest too…

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